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“Without your help and encouragement I would have continued to have a very lonely life.”

“I have my grandmother back again. She has a better social life than me now!”

“As a full-time carer for my husband who suffers from numerous conditions, both mental and physical, life was particularly hard for us both, until we discovered Time for Life. … I was recently informed by another carer finding it hard to cope, that regular get-togethers and games of Scrabble are better than any amount of anti-depressants. … My extroverted alter-ego has been unearthed!”

“I was so lonely, now I have friends again, thank you.”

“I feel like a new man and look forward to every day. If you want help within the community just ask for Time for Life.”

“My daughter worries less as I am more mobile and confident.”

“I’m now able to do what I want on my PC, myself.”



“Time for Life is exactly what I needed, and I hope it will be useful to other people.”

“A very valuable resource!”

“people who live alone can very easily become isolated and after a weekend usually spent alone it is good to have such a meeting to look forward to for companionship and the opportunity to chat and generally exchange views.”

“Your mentors have been wonderful for me.”

“If it hadn't been for you I would just be sitting here looking at these four walls.”

“For those of us who live alone in our later years, the getting together and chatting about all sorts, helps to keep us with aim and perspective in our lives.”

“You have made me a very happy lady; I have never in all my days had so much fun.”

“Just to thank everyone who is connected with Time for Life. I was very pleased for what help they gave me. I have found that it has helped me a lot. I wish to thank you all for all the help. Thank you.”