Time for Life  

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The Time for Life enabling service is available to anyone aged 65 or over who is living in Devon and who has become socially isolated. 

Our aim is to help you choose, find and enjoy activities and social opportunities to re-build confidence and enjoyment of life.  





The service is for you:

If you are experiencing difficulties because of isolation or you are at risk of isolation. It may be that you live in a rural area with little or no public transport or in an area with no sense of community belonging. You could be lacking supporting networks around you or have recently moved to a new area which you do not know very well.

If you have had a recent life change, perhaps you have lost a loved one or perhaps you or a member of your family has an Illness, a physical or sensory impairment or a disability.

If you are experiencing stress through every day life, maybe you are having problems managing your money or maybe where you are living is causing you distress.

We will arrange for the local co-ordinator to get in touch so that you can find out how a community enabler can help. It may be that we only need to point you in the direction of other organisations that will be able to help you, If you need more help we will work together to plan what you would like to achieve with the help of the service. This may include having an enabler working alongside you for a period of time. Everyone is different so each plan will be individual to match the personís needs.

Referrals for Time for Life are made via Care Direct and can be made by anyone. This includes health professionals, social workers, family, friends or by the individual themselves.

To make a referral visit the Contacts page.